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“Riverwalk Bengals” is located in South Central Texas--equi distance from both San Antonio and Austin. 

“RivBengal Kittenerwalk Bengals” is a USDA licensed and Texas State regulated facility with “Bengals” directly descend from the top of the line Bengals at “Drinkwater Bengals.” 

The Bengal kittens being raised at “Riverwalk Bengals” are benefiting from the care and husbandry of Amy Rasmussen, a cat enthusiast for more than two decades.  Amy raised Persians for many years with one of her cats successfully competing for national honors in the CFA.  Amy has cared for exotic, endangered cats for 15 years, and she is now devoting the majority of her time to raising the most beautiful and enjoyable domestic cat in the world—the Bengal. 

The kittens at “Riverwalk Bengals” have huge rosettes and beautiful markings.  They are extremely well nurtured and wonderfully socialized with the assistance of Amy’s  five grandchildren. 

Amy is always anxious to talk to perspective Bengal owners and share with them why she thinks, after 25 years of raising cats, that Bengals are the most spectacular, most beautiful and the most entertaining and enjoyable cats available in the world today.  Amy’s kittens are affordable, spoiled, and waiting to be enjoyed. 

Please call for kitten availability:  210-602-2093




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